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Terms and Conditions of Use

Lawful Purpose

You agree to use the facilities of only for lawful purposes.

No Warranty

You agree to accept full responsibility for evaluating the suitability of Club Sched services for your purposes. Club Sched service is supplied "as is, where is" with NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR SUITABILITY FOR A SPECIFIC PURPOSE. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Contemporary Communications, Inc., and any and all of its affiliates in any capacity from any and all claims arising from operation, or non-operation, of Club Sched services. Under no circumstances will Contemporary Communications, Inc., or any of its affiliates, be liable for damages in excess of the amount you have paid for services.

Online Notification of Changes

Changes to Club Sched Terms and Conditions of Service may be made from time to time by posting revised Terms on the web site. You agree to accept such posting as notification of changes in Terms, and to remain in compliance.

Copyright and License

The web site, and all related software, designs, images, text, messages and data, except for data supplied by you or users of your account, pursuant to managing or using your account, are the proprietary and copyrighted property of Contemporary Communications, Inc. and its affiliates. You are licensed to use these proprietary materials, so long as you maintain or use an account in good standing, for personal or internal business purposes only. You agree not to resell, sub-license, modify, make derivative use, extract using robots or other data mining techniques, reverse engineer, or otherwise make any use of proprietary materials except for intended purposes.

Privacy Policy collects and stores personal information only for the purpose of providing service. You agree that any personal information you provide may be displayed, to the extent entailed by operation of Club Sched service, to other users who access your Club Sched account. Contemporary Communications, Inc. will not sell or otherwise provide personal information to others except to the extent that it is ancillary to operation of Club Sched service, or if requested by government or law enforcement authorities for legal purposes. uses a third party payment processor, and does not solicit personal financial or credit account information.

If you use an Ad Supported account, advertisements may be served by third party companies. These companies may use non-personally identifiable information about your visits to this and other web sites to provide advertisements of goods and services of interest to you. does not solicit personal information via email. If you should receive email that purports to be from, do not supply any personal information in response. "Phishing" emails may invite you to click on false or misleading links. For this reason, it is safer to enter directly into your browser instead of clicking a link that might take you someplace else.

Termination and Refunds

Club Sched requires no commitment to use or maintain your account. You may effectively terminate your account without notice by ceasing to use the account. Club Sched may, at its option, delete an abandoned account and all associated data. An abandoned account is an account with insufficient balance to operate advertising free, and which has had little or no access for an extended period. Refund of prepaid fees, if any, will be made in accordance with then effective refund policy. Generally, you are responsible to determine suitability of Club Sched service for your purposes, and to pay in advance only to the extent you will use the services. Absent material change in service that might affect your decision, refunds are not allowed. reserves the right to terminate or suspend your account for violation of these terms, or for other good reason, at any time.