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Welcome Members and Guests

At My Country Club, you can sample the advantages of comprehensive scheduling services provided by Club Sched.

Guests may view the event calendar, but may not register for events or reserve facilities. These privileges are available to members.

For registrable events, check the registration report to see who is signed up. If you register, and would like to be part of an existing party, you can join it.

The club maintains a 9-hole Golf Course, 6 Tennis Courts, 2 Dining Areas, and a Fitness center. You can reserve time at any of these locations. In addition, you can reserve golf or tennis lessons with the resident pros.

Now imagine how great it would be to have this kind of service at your club! It's easy and quick to do!

Review the other pages to learn about features that make Club Sched service easy to integrate with your existing web site.

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